Sonic Utopia 

An Experiment in Motion

A tribute to early Sonic games and the momentum-based platforming they pioneered, Sonic Utopia is an experiment by Midori Sato (technical lead) and Jordan Lange (creative lead) in translating their core principles into 3D.  With a charming classic aesthetic and a heavily-tested physics system, Utopia has become well known throughout the Sonic fan community.

Utopia’s alpha demo was released at the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) in 2016, and was  praised across many outlets, setting the record for public attention of a Sonic fan game.

The project is now in beta development, with the focus of advancing technology in 3D character physics and procedural level development.  The next demo is projected to release in late fall of 2018.

The Utopia Team consists of Midori Sato (lead programmer), Jordan Lange (lead creative & level designer), “Pics and Pixels” (concept & texture artist), “Tpot” (programmer), Sean Evans (musician) and Joe “Tripplejaz” Zavaletta (concept & texture artist).


The playable alpha build for Sonic Utopia is located here:  Sonic Fan Games HQ.