Character Control Physics for 3D games

Foxtrot is set of character control physics calculations for 3D games.  While it is primarily tailored to the platformer genre, the calculations are universal for character movement and can be applied to many types of action games.

The alpha version of Foxtrot was first revealed via a fan game project, which was highly praised by dozens of online publications, including Destructoid, Kotaku, Forbes, PC Gamer, Eurogamer, Nintendo Life and more.  Since then, the calculations have been further refined and transformed into an input-output format for customization and ease of use.

The beta version is currently in development for the Unity engine, but will be converted into a universal dynamic link library once the calculations are perfected, or earlier upon request from business partners.

Current Features:

Foxtrot allows characters to move and react to all of the following forces and vectors.


Internal momentum

Smoothed steering

Steps and slopes

Dynamic surface velocity

Universal gravity

Continuum-based friction and pressure




Customization of character reactions to forces



Planned Features:

These features will be added once core features are finished.

Reciprocal forces on objects

Water walking





More to come….